What is a Road Rally?

The basic idea of a Road Rally is to compete against other teams, consisting of a driver and a navigator (and sometimes some back-seat passengers as well).  Each team is given a set of written instructions which are used to follow a pre-determined course. The teams drive the course independently, following the written instructions, or route instructions.

What is a GPS Road Rally?

A GPS Road Rally has taken the concept of a road rally to the next level -- not only do you receive instructions for your route, but you get to use your GPS - navigation system -- to assist you in completing the course! 

In addition, we have thrown in some photo challenges along the way -- at each stop on the route, you must take a picture of the location and at least one of your team members.  Some locations will require more creative photography!

Who Can Play?

Anyone with a car, a driver's license and an hour of free time can play this game.  Better yet, grab a friend (or two or three) or pack the family into the car and play together.  The more people in your car, the more fun you'll have!

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Each team needs a car, a GPS system, a camera and a cell phone.

You will be supplied with the course instructions and questions, a pen, and a clipboard.